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Jeep Tour In Armenia



                                                                                         THE GABI TOUR

                                                                                         GEORGIAN ADVENTURE



                                                                                         Adventure Jeep Tour In Armenia



                        DAY 1 . Arrival in airport Yerevan, transfer and overnight in hotel Yerevan.



                              DAY 2. Yerevan - mon. Geghard -  canyon Garni - lake Sevan - res. Dilijan. Dinner and overnight in hotel Dilijan.

                          Heading to 13th century Geghard monastery, partially carved in rock. We can listen to live folk music choir inside the monastery (optionally). Further driving to Garni pagan temple, built in the 1st century AD, the only pagan temple remained in Armenia and the whole Caucasus. Short off-road driving to Garni gorge, visiting Rock Symphony. Driving to Lake Sevan (1896m above sea level), largest lake in Armenia and the Caucasus region. Visiting 5th century Sevanavank monastery. Heading to Dilijan , dinner and overnight in Dilijan.  



                               DAY 3. Parz Lake - Goshavank - Gosh Lake - Aghavnavank - Lake Sevan – Tsaknadzor. Dinner and overnight in hotel Tskahnadzor.

                          Starting with off-road driving, heading to 12-13th century Goshavank monastery. Off-road driving on muddy roads to another beautiful lake, Gosh Lake (1400m above sea level). Driving back to the main road via Khachardzan village, heading to 13th century Aghavnavank monastery located in Dilijan national park. Heading to Lake Sevan (1896m above sea level), largest lake in Armenia and the Caucasus region. Overnight in Tskahnadzor, close to lake Sevan.



                               DAY 4.  Sevanavak-Noratus-Selim Caravansary-Yeghegis-Hermon. Dinner and overnight in hotel Hermon.

                                  Visiting 5th century Sevanavank. Further heading to Noratus cemetery, a medieval cemetery with a large number of early khachkars (cross-stones) located in Noratus village, Gegharkunik province. Driving to Hermon via Vardenyats (Selim) pass, on the way visiting 13th century Selim caravansary built by Orbeli knights (ishkhan), which was a part of the Silk Road. Dinner and overnight in hotel Hermon Luci-Tour.



                               DAY 5. res. Hermon - mon. Smbataberd - Tsakhats Kar - Shativank - res. Hermon. Dinner and overnight in hotel Hermon.

                                Driving to Artabuyrk village on asphalt and off-road driving up hill to Smbataberd. It is likely that Smbataberd was founded in the 5th century, but was better established and heavily fortified during the 9-10th centuries. Continuing to 10th century Tsakhats Kar monastery, a monastic complex located along the mountain foothills overlooking Yeghegis river. Further driving to Shatin village not far from Artabuyrk and with a nice off-road driving getting to 10th century Shativank  monastery.Dinner and overnight in hotel Hermon Luci-Tour.



                               DAY 6. res. Hermon - Her Her - Zorats Karer - Vorotnavank - mon. Tatev - city Goris. Dinner and overnight in hotel Goris.

                               Driving on dirt road to Her Her village, heading to Zorats Karer, a prehistoric archaeological site near SisianSyunik province. Heading to Vorotnavank, a monastic complex located along a ridge overlooking Vorotan gorge, between the villages of Vaghatin and Vorotan. Further with a nice off-road driving to Tatev Monastery via Ltsen village. Tatev monastery is a 4th century monastery located on a large basalt plateau near Tatev village. Driving to Goris on asphalt. Dinner and overnight in Goris.



                               DAY 7. city Goris - Khndzoresk - mon. Noravank - Yerevan. Overnight in hotel Yerevan.

                        Visiting old Khndzoresk, short off-road driving through cave village, where people lived from Bronze Age till the end of the 20th century. Heading to 13th century Noravank monastery which is located in a narrow gorge made by Amaghu River, near Yeghegnadzor. The gorge is known for its tall, sheer, brick-red cliffs. Driving back to Yerevan. Folklore dinner and  Overnight in hotel Yerevan.



                               DAY 8. City tour Yerevan – day in city – departure. 

                        Visiting the most popular places of Yerevan, such as Victory Park with the biggest statue in Armenia (called Mother Armenia), then walking to Cascade, which represents a huge stairway linking the downtown part of Yerevan with the Monument of Mother Armenia. On the top of Cascade we will enjoy the nice view of Yerevan. Walking down the stairway to the Opera house, then visiting the Armenian Genocide Museum and the Memorial Complex. Further going to the Yerevan Noy Brandy factory, after which having a walk in the main square of Yerevan, called the Republic Square. After day we will transferred in airport Erevan for departure.