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Trekking in ARMENIA





      DAY 1.  Arrival in Erevan, transfer and overnight in hotel Erevan.



     DAY 2.  Yerevan - Driving to Garni pagan temple - Hike to Havuts Tar monastery complex and Stone Symphony - Visiting Geghard cave monastery - Back to Eerevan. Overnight in the hotel Erevan.

Hiking duration is 5-6 hours.

Driving duration is 1 hour. 




    Day 3. Yerevan - Driving to lake Kari (3200 meters) and hiking to Southern summit of Aragatz mountain (3888m) and back to lake Kari. Overnight in the hotel Erevan.

Hiking duration is 5 hours.



   Day 4. Driving from Yerevan to Ijevan town, Yenokavan village. Hiking from Yenokavan to Lastiver campground, Anapat prehistoric caves and cascades of small waterfalls. Hiking back to Yenokavan village. Overnight at Yenokavan (Apaga Resort).

Hiking duration is 3 hours.



Day 5. Driving from Ijevan to Gosh village (40 minutes).

Excursion in Goshavank monastery complex. Hiking through the forests of Dilijan National Park to Gosh lake and Khachardzan village. 

Driving from Khachardzan to lake Sevan (1 hour). Overnight at Lavash hotel in Bashinjaghyan tea house at the lakeshore.

Hiking duration is 4-5 hours.



Day 6. Driving from Bashinjaghayn Tea House to Shatin village, where we will have an animal watching (we will look at the wild bezoar goats in the nature on the rocks), well see an amazing waterfall,  Hiking to Smbataberd fortress and Tsakhats Qar monastery complex. Driving to Hermon (Lucy Tour Resort).

Hiking duration is 5-6 hours.



Day 7. Hermon- Mozrov village - Hiking to Red cave (caving duration is 2 hours, hiking duration is 4 hours.). Driving back to Eerevan. (1,5 hours).



Day 8. Day in city Erevan – Departure.